Artistic Director / Choreographer :

Prof. Daniel J. Kim

Daniel J. Kim is a professor at ACTS University (Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission – ACTS) in Korea, teaching spiritual theology and mission theology. Here at ACTS, he serves as the director of Spiritual Theology Program in Korean Graduate School. At ACTS, he has also been instrumental in promoting creative arts for worship and ministry by mobilizing and training Korean and international students for theodrama productions, such as “Imago,” “Prophetica,” “Communio,” “Resurrectio,” and “Missio.” Daniel serves as the director of Theology, Spirituality and Arts at Imago Christi Studio which he founded in Seoul, Korea. In the global context, he serves as a missionary commissioned by East-West Center for missions research and development to engage in works of research, training, and networking in Asia. He also serves as the president of Asian Society of Missiology, an association committed to foster networking and fellowship among missiologists both inside and outside of Asia for mutual encouragement, knowledge sharing, and effective service in mission education. Throughout his ministry years, Daniel has had diverse experiences and roles as pastor, evangelist, church planter, missionary trainer, conference speaker, seminary professor, spiritual mentor, author, artistic director, and training center director. Born in Korea and educated in the U.S., Daniel received his theological and missiological degrees (M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D.) from Fuller Theological Seminary. Daniel and his wife, Esther, have three daughters: Sarah, Michelle, and Anna.