Theodrama: “IMAGO”


Imago is a Latin term that means “image.” The theme of the Theodrama IMAGO is that only in Christ can all humanity and diverse social realms be united and transformed into the image of the Body of Christ. IMAGO essentially highlights the biblical-theological concepts from Genesis to Revelation (creation, fall, salvation, reconciliation, union) and expresses them through various artistic means (music, dance, mime, acting, design, media). Through this performance, you as the audience can experience the Word of God coming alive in a dynamic way on stage.

IMAGO production is a joint project of the ACTS University Community and Imago Christi Studio. It is a multi-arts production participated by both the Korean undergraduate students and the international graduate students of ACTS University. These students are amateurs, not professionals, but they have discovered their potentials in their particular artistic areas and have passionately and prayerfully prepared for this performance.

Scene 1: Predestination

For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world (Ephesians 1:4)

Scene 2: Creation

Mystery of the cosmic creation of God

Scene 3: Adam & Eve

Love and tragedy between God and humanity and between fellow humans

Scene 4: Babel Tower

Propagation, rebellion, and alienation of humanity

Scene 5: Israel’s Journey

Birth and spiritual journey of Israel

Scene 6: Jesus’ Life

Birth, childhood, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus

Scene 7: Spirit Mission

Proclamation of the gospel and work of mission through the Spirit

Scene 8: Church History

Birth, persecution, growth, institutionalization, reformation, and mission of the church

Scene 9: Social Conflicts

Social conflicts and divisions (gender, racial, class)

Scene 10: Union in Christ

All social realms are united and transformed in Christ

to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ (Ephesians 1:10)


Video Excerpts of Live Performance
June 10, August 12, 2014
Presented at
M.Div. Student Chapel (ACTS)
Produced by
ACTS University Community & Imago Christi Studio
Performed by
ACTS University Korean Undergraduate Students
ACTS University International Graduate Students
Directed & Choreographed by
Daniel J. Kim
Copyright © 2014 Imago Christi Studio

Production Team

  • Artistic Director / Choreographer : Daniel J. Kim
  • Administrator : 정지혜 (Imago Christi Studio)
  • Technical Manager : David J. Choi (Imago Christi Studio)
  • Promotional Design : 채미셸, 최새봄 (Imago Christi Studio)
  • Costume and Design : 김애나 (Mogigusant Agency)
  • Video Presentation : 유기찬 (알파건축사사무소)
  • Music Research and Compilation : 김덕기
  • Hip-hop Dance Choreography : 송요한, 박찬양
  • Rehearsal Management : 김소연
  • Sound Engineering : 강은구
  • Photography : 최재호

Performance Team
(International Graduate Students)

  • An Juan (China)
  • Bharat Rasaili (Nepal)
  • Hoang Quoc An (Vietnam)
  • Jafun Samaila (Nigeria)
  • James Mgenda (Tanzania)
  • Joshep Sakwe (Cameroon)
  • Kayina Nenlo Grace (India)
  • Lhouvino Solo (India)
  • Manjila Lama (Nepal)
  • Montira Dermduhun (Thailand)
  • Sarala Dhungana (Nepal)
  • Teresa Eslao Gardo (Philippines)

Performance Team (Korean Undergraduate Students)

  • 고현진
  • 김동광
  • 김성령
  • 김하늘
  • 김현애
  • 박찬양
  • 송요한
  • 오미해
  • 윤수아
  • 이병진
  • 임건학
  • 조민지
  • 조형찬
  • 천성민
  • 최유란
  • 한현지

Supporting Team

  • 김다현
  • 김도현
  • 남기쁨
  • 박채은
  • 박한나
  • 이미지
  • 최하은
  • Vezhoto Soho (India)

Music Credits

  • Eden’s Bridge – “I Exalt Thee” – Celtic Worship Album
  • Marco Beltrami – “Turtle Bay Surfing” – Soul Surfer OST
  • 송솔나무 – “Pine Tree (솔나무)” – 4집 Road
  • Hans Zimmer – “Time” – Inception OST
  • Harald Kloser & Thomas Wander – “We Are Taking the Bentley” – 2012 OST
  • 주인로 – “Chaos (혼돈)” – AION 2.0 OST
  • Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe – “In the Beginning” – Son of God OST
  • Tyler Bates – “Ventura” – The Way OST
  • Hans Zimmer- “The Might of Rome” – Gladiator OST
  • 레위지파 – “오직 주만 따르리 (My Soul Will Follow)” – Levites Awakening
  • Steve Barakatt – “Melodie de Nuit #3” – Escape
  • Hans Zimmer – “Prophet Journey” – Crysis 2: Be the Weapon OST
  • Yvonne S. Moriarty – “The Battle” – Gladiator OST
  • 횃불 합창단 – “고구려의 혼 (경음악)” – 국악성가합창 (북소리)
  • Hans Zimmer – “Party! Party! Party!” – Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa OST
  • Pegboard Nerds – “Fire in the Hole”
  • Danny Elfman – “Atom versus Twin Cities” – Real Steel OST
  • Marie Ortal Malka – “Bashana” – Best Jewish Songs
  • Anonymous – “Fairest Lord Jesus” – Westminster Worship Recording
  • Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No.2 in F Major, BWV 1047 – I
  • Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G Major, BWV 1048 – I