Stage Production

This course introduces the theatrical model of theodrama–based on the biblical- theological foundation, with implications for practical life, ministry, and mission–in the context of an actual stage production and performance by ACTS University students. Since 2014, Professor Daniel J. Kim has produced, choreographed, and directed a series of multi-arts (music, dance, mime, theatre, design, media) stage productions as a way of demonstrating “theology on stage.” ACTS University was invited to perform a 30-minute theodrama at the 4th Lausanne Congress (attended by some 5,000 international leaders) to be held at Incheon Songdo Convensia in September 2024. Through this course, the students are invited to participate in the entire process of planning, rehearsal, and performance of a special theodrama choreographed and produced for this historic Lausanne Congress


Lecture Goals

  • To understand the biblical-theological foundations for creative arts/expressions
  • To understand the theory and principles behind the theatrical paradigm of theodrama
  • To explore the diverse realms of performing arts (music, dance, mime, theatrics, stagecraft, media art).
  • To learn the basic principles of imagination, activation, improvisation, and simulation via movement training
  • To learn the importance of human body and physical movement in the context of life, ministry, and mission
  • To make a contribution in a particular area of interest, whether performance, administration, stagecraft/design, or technical support
  • To learn teamwork and community life dynamic in the process of planning, rehearsal, and performance on stage
  • To participate in the theodrama production (planning, choreography, training, performance) for Lausanne Congress (2024)


Teaching at ACTS


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