Lead Team

Daniel J. Kim (Director)

  • Fuller Theological Seminary (M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D.) 
  • ACTS University Professor (Topics – Spiritual Theology, Practical Theology, Theatrical Theology, Mission Theology)
  • Former Director of ACTS Graduate School Spiritual Theology Program (presently Ph.D. thesis director)
  • Artistic Director / Choreographer of Theodrama production/performance at ACTS University
  • Founder and Director of Imago Christi Studio
  • Missionary-at-large with East-West Center for MRD; Former President of Asian Society of Missiology
  • Roles: pastor, church planter, spiritual training center director, seminary professor, spiritual mentor, performance art director/choreographer, author


Esther P. Kim (Administrator)

  • Seoul Performing Arts High School (piano major); Yonsei University (B.A., organ/church music major)
  • Former pianist/organist at Seoul Choongshin Presbyterian Church
  • Former keyboard artist for 다드림선교단 praise/worship team
  • Co-founder of River of Life Christian Fellowship
  • Accompanist for Fuller Vocal Ensemble; pianist/organist for “Jubilate! An Ancient Future Concert Mass” recording
  • ACTS University (M.A. in theology)
  • Administrator at Reah International (North Korea mission) in Korea


David J. Choi (IT & Media)

  • B.S. in IT Engineering from Soongsil University
  • IT Specialist at International Vaccine Institute (17 years)
  • M.A. in Spiritual Theology from ACTS University
  • Tech/Media Manager at Imago Christi Studio
  • Info-Tech & Media Manager of Theodrama Production
  • Webmaster, Video Editor
  • Personal Assistant to Dr. Daniel J. Kim


Antipas Ahn (Graphic Design & PR)

  • A.A. in Computer Graphics Design from ChungKang College of Cultural Industries
  • B.F.A. in Visual Communication Design from Academic Credit Bank System
  • Craftsman Computer Graphics Operation at Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • M.Div. and Th.M.-Ph.D.(candidate in Spiritual Theology) at ACTS University
  • Former Missionary to China
  • Ordained Minister (KUPA denomination)
  • Graphic Designer


Director: Daniel J. Kim

Daniel J. Kim teaches at ACTS University (a.k.a. Asian Center for Theological Studies in Mission) in Korea in the areas of spiritual theology, practical theology, mission theology, and theatrical theology. Here at ACTS, he primarily serves as the director of Theodrama Institute, training the students for theatrical stage production known as “theodrama.” He also serves as an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary, teaching the topic of missional spirituality.

Daniel is the founder and director of Imago Christi Studio, an institute for research and training in the areas of spiritual theology, incarnational spirituality, theodrama paradigm, creative arts, and strategic mission. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister as well as a missionary commissioned by the East-West Center for Missions Research and Development.

Born in Korea and educated in the U.S., Daniel has a diverse background in science, performing art, spirituality, theology, and missiology. He studied Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) at North Carolina State University. He was trained in classical ballet and choreography at School of American Ballet (New York). He received his theological training (M.Div.) and missiological training (Th.M. and Ph.D.) at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Daniel has various ministerial experiences as pastor, evangelist, church planter, training center director, conference speaker, seminary professor, artistic director, choreographer, spiritual mentor, and author. Daniel and his wife, Esther, have three daughters (Sarah, Michelle, Anna), and presently reside in Korea.

Contact Information:
Daniel J. Kim (imagochristi777@gmail.com)


Spiritual Theology Background

  • 2002 – Daniel received his Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies) at Fuller Theological Seminary. His research under his mentor, Dr. Charles Van Engen, focused on the theme of biblical prophetic spirituality, particularly in the areas of divine commission and spiritual authority. His dissertation, titled “The Quest for Authentic Prophetic Authority: A Biblical Theology of Divine Commission” received the Theology of Mission dissertation award.
  • 2004 – Daniel founded Destiny Training International, a training and research development center to explore the area of Christian spirituality and develop various types of spiritual training (for pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders) in a period of 6 years.
  • 2011 – Daniel established a spiritual theology program at ACTS Graduate School. And over the past 12 years, he has developed various courses (both Korean and English) and guided dissertation-writing for Ph.D., Th.M., and M.A. students in the areas of spiritual theology, practical theology, and missiology.

     Teaching Courses

    • Biblical Prophetic Spirituality
    • Christian Spirituality Intro
    • Homiletics: Preaching Art
    • Identity and Destiny Processing
    • Incarnational Spirituality
    • Mission and Spirituality
    • Missional Call and Commission
    • Missional Church and Spirituality
    • Mystical Theology
    • Practical Theology
    • Spiritual Disciplines and Methods
    • Spiritual Gifts and Supernatural Worldview
    • Spiritual Issues in Mission
    • Spiritual Leadership
    • Spiritual Theology: Historical Research
    • Spiritual Theology: Practical Dimensions
    • Spiritual Theology: Theological Foundation
    • Spiritual Theology and Methodology
    • Spiritual Theology of John Calvin
    • Spiritualities of Major Christian Traditions
    • Spiritualities of the World Religions
    • Theodrama: Movement Training
    • Theodrama: Stage Production
    • Theological Aesthetics
    • Theology and Spirituality of Art
    • Theology and Spirituality of Suffering


Artistic Background

1982 – While finishing his training at the School of American Ballet in New York City to become a professional dancer/choreographer, Daniel committed his life to Jesus, experienced rebirth, and received his calling as God’s servant.

  • 1985, 1993/1994 – Daniel choreographed (for stage performance) a biblical drama called “오실이” at Naseong Korean Church and a Christian musical called “Victor” at Naseong Youngnak Church.
  • 1990 – Daniel choreographed the musical “The Confessions of Witnesses” (“증인들의 고백”) to be performed at a major Easter event for the Christian Young Adults Association. About 50 praise ministers were mobilized/trained and performed at the MBC Culture Center.
  • 2014 – Daniel produced/choreographed the first theodrama production to be performed by the international graduate students and Korean undergraduate students of ACTS University. He has since produced, choreographed, and directed a total of six theodramas (plus one by his daughter Sarah). 

     Theodrama Production

    • “Imago” (2014) – biblical overview of salvation history from Genesis to Revelation
    • “Prophetica” (2015) – preaching drama portraying the biblical prophetic type lineage
    • “Communio” (2016) – theological meaning of communion based on John Calvin’s view of the Lord’s Supper
    • “Resurrectio” (2017) – essence of the cross & resurrection as expressed by the body of Christ
    • “Missio” (2020) – theological and practical essence of mission, with contemporary implications (video production)
    • “Vita” (2022) – spiritual rebirth experienced in the context of life stages (birth, growth, love, suffering, death)
    • “Victoris” (2022) – victory through resurrection & second coming of Christ (choreographed by Sarah E. Kim)

      [The videos of the performances, as well as interviews and news links, related to these ACTS theodrama productions, can be viewed at the following websites: www.imagochrististudio.org / www.theodrama.org.]  


Spirituality and Art Integration

2023 – Daniel completed (pre-published) his book writing project, which integrates Christian spiritual theology and creative arts. Title: Imago Christi: Incarnational Model of Christlikeness. This book integrates several major themes, including incarnational spirituality, imaginative interpretation, theological aesthetics, sensory perception, vicarious mission, missional movement, and theodrama, in order to propose a methodology for Christlike representation as soma-kinesthetic agent in the world.

Published Articles on Spirituality and Art

            [Downloads are available from this website: www.imagochrististudio.org]

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