Theodrama: “COMMUNIO” (2023)


The following drama was featured at the 45th ACTS Mission Conference.

The drama, based on the original idea, script, and choreography by Professor Daniel J. Kim, was performed by 9 international graduate students and 2 daughters of ACTS Professors.

The participating students and kids are all amateurs, not professionals, who have humbly and diligently practiced, and prayerfully prepared for this drama presentation.

The drama, presented through narration and movements, is in essence the sacramental Word expressed through audible and visual means.


Video of Live Performance
October 26, 2023
Presented at
45th ACTS Mission Conference 2023
Produced by

Theodrama Institute
Imago Christi Studio
Performed by
ACTS University International Graduate Students
Directed & Choreographed by
Daniel J. Kim
Copyright © 2023 Theodrama Institute
Copyright © 2023 Imago Christi Studio

Production Team

  • Directed / Artistic Director / Choreographer: Daniel J. Kim
  • Administration & Technical Support: David J. Choi
  • Administrative Assistant : Antipas Ahn

Performance Team
(International Graduate Students)

  • Narrator (1): David Kang (USA)
  • Narrator (2): Catherine Park (Korea)
  • Jesus: Ashok Naik K (India)
  • Holy Spirit: Jemimah Kamei (India)
  • Believers (1): Andrew Gurung (India)
  • Believers (2): Anna Y. Kim (USA)
  • Believers (3): Gumoshabe Absolom Courage (Uganda)
  • Believers (4): Mary Mwani (Kenya)
  • Believers (5): Mezbaul Islam (Bangladesh)
  • Believers (6): Prarthana Zoey (India)
  • Believers (7): Sarah E. Kim (USA)
  • Believers (8): Telemos Gagebo Mena (Ethiopia)
  • Believers (9): Tohupeto Chishi (India)

Music Credits

  • Mozart – “Piano Concerto No.21 in C major K.467, II. Andante – Arthur Rubinstein