Theodrama: “VITA”&”VICTORIS”


I. VITA (Life)

This work depicts (through movement art) the entire human life journey (birth, maturity, death), and differentiates how the believers and unbelievers face the reality of death.

Scene 1: birth, childhood, youth, romance.

Scene 2: rebirth, devotion, witness.

Scene 3: suffering, aging, death.


This work is a dance drama celebrating the Lord who overcame death through resurrection and the Lord who will establish his kingdom at his second coming.

Scene 1: angel’s proclamation, Mary’s testimony, disciples’ anxiety.

Scene 2: Lord’s appearance, commission, evangelism, martyrdom.

Scene 3: second coming, believers’ resurrection, heavenly celebration.


Video of Live Performance
November 15, 2022
Presented at
ACTS University
Produced by
Imago Christi Studio
Performed by
ACTS University International Graduate Students
Directed by
Daniel J. Kim
Copyright © 2022 Imago Christi Studio


VITA Choreography : Daniel J. Kim

VICTORIS Choreography : Sarah E. Kim

Production Team

  • Artistic Director : 김다니엘 교수
  • Choreographers : 김다니엘, Sarah E. Kim
  • Administrator & Technical Manager : 최진혁
  • Rehearsal Coordinator : Jeevan Vemagiri 교수
  • Video Editors : 유대희, 최진혁
  • Sound Engineer : 정유현
  • Design & Stage Set Prop : 안락현
  • Stage Set Prop : 김은배
  • Photo/Video : 아신대 방속국 (AEBS)

Performance Team
(International Graduate Students)

  • Ambati Anand (India)
  • Anoosh Michael (Pakistan)
  • Diana Zabelich (Russia)
  • Disuang Ringchamdin Zeme (India)
  • Esther Okiror (Uganda)
  • Esther Pandi Lepcha (India)
  • Inatoli Aye (India)
  • Sarah E. Kim (USA)
  • Shumila Yaqub (Pakistan)
  • Sorna McDonald Daniel (India)
  • Srishti Gurung (Nepal)

Music Credits

  • VITA :Antonio Vivaldi – “Four Seasons: Winter” (“사계: 겨울”)
  • VICTORIS : Sunny Trancă – “Leul din Iuda” (“Lion of Judah” / “유다의 사자”)